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Morris was happy because he was a dog again.He now enjoyed chasing cats with his best friend Charlie the pug.One day Morris was chasing a cat,the cat was called Fog horn because it meowed as loud as one.Fog horn scratched Morris and then he ran away.In the morning Morris woke up and almost fainted when he saw the reflection he was a cat. “Morris ,Morris were are you” yelled charlie.”I am Morris”, said the cat.”Ry don’t fink so”, said charlie and started chasing him.He ran through mud, grass ,puddles and sand they were at the beach.Charlie got closer so Morris started swimming out in the sea.

The water got deeper.Charlie didn’t come in so Morris started to swim back but found himself go further out .The water was too strong.If only he was a dog he would be a stronger swimmer.

Suddenly he bumped into a boat and there on it was fog horn.”HA HA NOT SO EASY BEEN A CAT IS IT”,he laughed. “Please just save me”,yelled Morris.”ER…how about…..NO I’m sick of you dogs thinking your so special well anyway now i have powers for turning dogs into cats that’s my evil plan for all you smelly drooling barking thing,cats will take over the world ha ha ha”.

“Alright”,yelled Morris “your just forgetting one thing cats drule and dogs rule”. He grabbed fog horns paw scratched him self with it.In a few flashes he was a dog again and jumped onto the boat.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooo my plan is ruined thanks to you  you stupid dog”,cried Fog horn. Suddenly the boat hit a rock and fog horn fell backwards off the edge of the boat.”Help i cant swim please help” , he yelled. Even though he hated fog horn he jumped into the water and  dragged him to the beach.”Morris i had know idea dogs were so er well nice thanks for saving me anyway”,he said.Charlie was sat on the sand too and they all went back to the farm.

“Well dog you got lucky this time but one day cats will rule the world ha ha”,laughed Fog horn. “Er yeah you have fun with that “,said Morris. “How do you think that cat will do on taking over the world then”,said Charlie.

Rubbish,said Morris.


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