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Morris was a dog but didn’t want to be one he would much rather have been a chicken.He didn’t really know why he liked them all they did was peck around and cluck.Unlike any other dog he hated chasing chickens as well,whenever he saw another dog chasing one he growled and chased them away.He hated chewing bones chasing balls and catching Frisbees,he was no ordinary dog.

That night he made sad dog noises till midnight when suddenly a chicken walked up to him.

“If you want to be a chicken I can turn you into one”,it said.The chicken plucked one of  its  feathers off and waved on Morris’s nose three times,he sneezed and everything went dark.Morris woke up in the morning and went to drink from a puddle but when he saw his reflection it wasn’t him looking back it was a …………………….chicken Morris was a chicken.

Being a chicken was boring all he did was peck seeds off the ground , cluck and of course avoid dogs.Sometimes he wished he could run fast like he used to and bark back at the mean dogs.A few days later three new dogs arrived at the farm an Alsatian a bulldog and a boxer.Morris didn’t like the look of them.As soon as they saw the chickens they started chasing them.These dogs didn’t just want to chase them they were also hungry and chicken was first on their menu.The chickens ran into the pen and the dogs couldn’t get them but Morris was trapped so he started to runaway.The dogs chased him more and more Morris wanted to be a dog again but were was the magic chicken.

He ran threw a field and under a cow the bulldog followed under than the boxer but the Alsatian was to big and got kicked by the cow.Morris carried on running and clucking for help.They started running through mud it was really slippery and the bulldog slipped and crashed into a wall.The boxer carried on chasing Morris.Suddenly Morris found the magic chicken.”PLEASE TURN ME BACK INTO A DOG”,yelled Morris.The chicken did the same again which sent Morris flying into a barn.The boxer saw the magic chicken he got him at the edge of a river.

Suddenly Morris leaped out the barn as a dog again and  bashed the boxer intro the water.”Thank you for turning me back into a dog”, said Morris.”Your welcome thanks for saving me”, said the chicken.Morris went home later he saw his friend charlie the pug.They watched the feathered clucking birds pecking  around.”Wouldn’t you like to be a chicken”,he said.

“No”,said Morris.


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